Son though he was

The Young Saint Francis of Assisi Movie

Logline: A privileged young man in medieval Italy turns his back on a life of revelry and riches and dedicates his life to helping the most needy.


In the medieval town of Assisi, the wife of a wealthy cloth merchant is experiencing long, painful labour. A mysterious BEGGAR advises her to go to a stable to give birth, and while family members think him mad, PICA di BERNARDONE, the woman with child, agrees. The baby is born soon after and is named Giovanni.

The Beggar asks to hold the child and presses a cross on the child’s shoulder telling the mother her son will do great things.

When PIETRO di BERNARDONE returns from a selling trip to France, he is filled with joy at the sight of his son. He vows to give the child everything he could ask for, promising a life of riches and indulgences. In honor of his many business dealings in France and his wife’s origins, he nicknames the child FRANCESCO.

Francesco’s childhood is spent studying commerce and learning French to work in his father’s business. His mother thoroughly believes the prediction her son will do great things when he’s older, but her husband disabuses her of such notions, content that his son merely follow in his footsteps and eventually take over the family business. When he is not studying, Francesco dreams of knights, and parades through the streets with friends in grand make-believe processions. It is during one of these processions that Francesco physically collides with a leper, an incident that thoroughly frightens the boy and leaves him with a fear of Assisi’s most wretched.

Now a teenager, Francesco works along with his brother ANGELO and his father selling cloth. True to his father’s words, he wants for nothing. He dresses lavishly. When his friends call, he shirks work to carouse, leaving his brother behind despite his wanting to join them. One friend, PAOLO, especially goads Francesco to revels. His father reprimands his son for his extravagant spending—he has no regard for money, spending all he makes on clothes and eating with friends. His mother says he’s more a prince than a son, but believes one day he will become a good Christian.

During one such indulgence with friends, Francesco passes lepers begging for alms. His revulsion is apparent, and him and his friends, led by Paolo, mock them and turn to avoid them, holding their noses as they go. It is here Francesco sees a woman, her sister, and their handmaids pass. This is Lady CLARA, the daughter of a COUNT. They exchange looks. He watches her as she goes, and is astounded when she stops to attend to the lepers.

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